Luxman PD 264

Luxman PD 264

Auto Lift-Up Direct Player System


The PD264 is a disc player using a Brushless DC Servo Motors Direct-Drive System.

Provided is a turntable platter of high inertia with which the large mass of platter weight is distributed around the outer contour thus realizing excellent Wow & Flutter characteristics and stable rotation.

For the tonearm, a straight type is adopted to eliminate resonance caused by lack of solidity which tends to be found on the tonearm exclusively designed for high-compliance type cartridges.

The root portion of the tonearm is of double-pipe structure to strengthen anti-resonance measures. The knife-edge structure is employed for the pivot receptacle, thus realizing quite stable operation. Further, the cartridge shell is integrated to the tonearm, and the resonance is suppressed down to the minimum.

The most salient feature of the PD264 is the Auto Lift-Up Function. When disc playback is finished, the tonearm is automatically lifted up, and rotation of turntable ceases at the same time. This function prevents unnecessary tracing of the cartridge at the end of disc-playback

LED’s are employed for stroboscope light, thus realizing a clear strobo pattern since the power supply is waveform rectified. Therefore, fine and accurate adjustment of rotationcan be done much more easily.


  • Type: auto-lift up record player
  • Drive method: direct drive
  • Motor: DC servo brushless
  • Platter: 1.8kg, 300mm aluminium die-cast
  • Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
  • Signal to noise ratio: 60dB
  • Wow and flutter: 0.035%
  • Tonearm: static balance type
  • Effective length: 240mm
  • Overhang: 15mm
  • Cartridge weight range: 4 to 11g
  • Dimensions: 438 x 125 x 365mm
  • Weight: 8kg



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